The recreation i picked was Planet Fitness.- Choose a recreation/sport-related location (sports facility, fitness center, playground, park, swimming
pool, etc.) to conduct your risk survey. You must get approval for your selected facility before you begin
your work by submitting a brief summary of your selection via email to your professor. This must be
done no later than September 15, 2022. Inspect the area(s) and find two or more potential risks. Take
at least one photo or video of each potential risk and submit them with this assignment.
Using your knowledge of legal concepts and the risk management process that you’ve learned during
this course, prepare a report that addresses the following:
• A detailed descriiption of the characteristics of each risk.
• Describe why they are risks.
• Describe the type of hazard the risk poses, and the injury/illness that could result.
• Describe the organization’s exposure to liability, and the type of lawsuit that could result.
• Describe what might be used to evaluate the standard of care in a lawsuit (e.g., case law,
statutory law, foreseeability, failure to meet standards/guidelines, etc.)
• Describe the risk classification:
o How severe could the potential risk be?
o How often could this potential risk occur?
o What is your overall evaluation of the risk?
• What could you do to mitigate this specific risk? List and describe all available options, specify
the one you would most likely choose, and provide a justification for your choice.
• List the policies and procedures you would establish to mitigate the risk. Provide a detailed
Project requirements:
. Your reports should be submitted using the
link on Blackboard. Late assignments will be assessed a 10% penalty for each day the assignment
is late.
• Reports should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, 1-inch margins, 12-point font. Be sure to
include photos and/or videos with your submission.
• I am purposely not setting a minimum number of pages. Treat this as a professional activity, do
the research, and prepare a thoughtful report. Treat it as you would if this was your first job, and
you were tasked with this assignment. You will be graded on the quality of your work, not the
number of pages you submit. That said, reports that include only a few short paragraphs, and/or
those that provide simple answers to the questions posed above are not likely to earn high

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