It is important for a leader in an organization to pursue a path of continuous professional development and improvement. A substantial part of this endeavor includes self-awareness with regards to how the leader views the external environment. But more importantly, how does the world see the organization’s leader and their role and efforts? This assignment will afford you the opportunity to reflect on your own cognizance with regards to diversity, equity, inclusion and your own identity as a leader.

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Think about diversity in your workplace. Then think about your own efforts as a leader to embrace diversity. In a three-to-five-page paper answers the questions below regarding diversity in the workplace. Consider your own identity as well as your understanding of diversity and the impact it continues to have in your life and the organizations that you are affiliated with.

1. What is your organization’s commitment to diversity? Is there a DE & I statement or mission statement?

2 Assess diversity, equity, and inclusion in your current or previous organization. What are some strong areas and what areas could use improvement?

3. What are some elements of your identity that you feel are obvious to other people?

4. Do you feel that your organization utilizes your uniqueness to its full capability?

5. Have you ever felt you needed to change any aspect of yourself to fit into the organizational culture? How did that make you feel?

6. As a leader or potential leader, what recommendations would you make to your organization regarding embracing diversity.

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