Module 8:  Computer and Tablet Accessibility Features Videos Review

For this assignment, you are going to watch videos and review the web links for accessibility features for Macs, PC, and Tablets (iPad and Android). There are multiple videos in most areas on the Module’s video page that provide more detailed descriptions of the features.  However, the required ones are below. 

For computers, you are required to review both Mac and PC accessibility features.  However, for tablets, you may choose from either iPad or Android Tablets.


  1. Mac Accessibility Features (Required)Links to an external site.

Mac Accessibility Features Weblink

  • Accessibility on Mac: The ultimate guide (Required)Links to an external site.


  1. Accessibility Features That Make Windows 10 Easier to Use! (Required)Links to an external site.

Mac Accessibility Features Weblink

  • Accessibility Features on Windows 11 (Required)Links to an external site.

Tablets (Choose one)

iPad Accessibility 

  1. Built-In iPad Accessibility FeaturesLinks to an external site.

The iPad Accessibility Guide Weblink

  • The iPad Accessibility Guide WeblinkLinks to an external site.

Android Tablet Accessibility Features

  1. Overview of Accessibility for AndroidsLinks to an external site.
  • Android Accessibility OverviewLinks to an external site.

 For each of the required video/weblink areas (Mac, Windows, Tablet (iPad or Android), in a bulleted fashion list and describe in complete sentences three things that you learned related to accessibility features. I want you to discuss 3 different accessibility features in your three points for each technology, NOT the same feature three times. 

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