You will select the proper building components for a residential home following examples from lecture and your research and present your findings in a power point presentation.


Exterior Element – Stone, Wood, Glass, “Green” products, Stucco

Focus Feature 1 Exterior 1 Interior – Front Door, Opulent Windows, Unique Roof Line, Stone wall fireplace, Wood slat wall

Front Facing Direction – North, South, East or West

You will:

• Choose a climate for your client’s home – Desert, Mountains, Beach, Inner City, Suburb, Forest, Ranch etc.• Chose an exterior home design for your residential client• Select a color palette and design style – Traditional, Modern, Rustic, Contemporary, Urban etc.• Create a presentation and make sure to answer the following:

What are the types of Building Components required and why?

​​How will they affect the environment/location they are in?

• Present to the class.

Note: Use the lecture, your textbook and other design resources to help format and guide your presentation. This will be a power point presentation. The presentation is due at the beginning of the next class.

Photos of elements selected – Wood, stone etc

Colors and finishes

Stained door or painted

Plate glass windows or steel or traditional

What kind of roof – shingles, metal, 

Sometimes the back of the house is the focal – Beach house



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