One major goal of this course is to prepare you for the classroom management component of teaching. With that in mind, this assignment will ask you to design your ideal classroom and then reflect upon its perceived effectiveness through a lens of theory and practice. For this assignment, you will design a classroom conducive to a positive learning environment and a first-week-of-school plan. Create a website, blog, or presentation platform (you can use Google Sites, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Prezi, PowerPoint or any platform of your choice) and upload your plan. Also write a 2-3 page reflection of your plan and the rationale behind your decisions.
Questions to deepen your thinking:

  1. How will you introduce yourself to your students and families?
  2. How will families communicate with you? How will information be shared?
  3. What types of activities will you facilitate to help students get to know one another?
  4. How will you build an environment of respect, rapport, and community?
  5. Which procedures will you introduce the first day? First week?
  6. What is the bathroom procedure? What is the water procedure?
  7. How will students learn and practice your procedures?
  8. How will rules be introduced and practiced? To what extent will students be involved in the development of rules, procedures, and classroom expectations?
  9. How does your classroom management design reflect your learnings from this course?
  10. What educational theories support your decisions? In what ways did your coursework shape your classroom management design?
  11. How confident do you feel about your classroom management design? What do you believe will be your strengths and areas for focus?

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