IDENTIFY a SOCIAL ISSUE / PROBLEM which is recognised to involve PREJUDICE and/or DISCRIMINATION. Questions: WHAT is the issue/problem? WHY is is an issue/problem, from a soc psy perspective? WHO are the individuals/groups involved?
*A1: integrate soc psy THEORY and RESEARCH EVIDENCE into your report. End your reporting by briefly mentioning details of a social marketing plan. This assessment is about developing an argument that the issue/problem you identify would benefit from a social marketing plan.
*A2: begin by recapping the problem from A1; Questions: HOW can the issue/problem be reduced? WHEN? WHERE? WHO will be the targets individuals/groups of the plan? This assessment is about developing the social marketing plan for the issue/problem that was introduced in A1. *A2: Part 1- Outline and discuss all components of the social marketing plan *A2: Part 2- Outline and discuss all components of the evaluation research plan *A2: Part 3- Discuss implications for Social / Public Policy

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