In this assignment, you are to write a paper in letter form addressed to the safety director of the company you work for.
An employee has filed a complaint about their working conditions. Their job is to work on an assembly line sorting boxes based on size. There are five different sizes and each size goes from the assembly line to a large bin. The employee has to pick up each box and then deposit it into the specific bin. There are bins to each side of the employee, above the employee’s head directly in front of them, and then two bins on the opposite side of the conveyor belt.
The employee has complained about neck, back, shoulder and hip pain from bending, lifting, twisting, and pushing. Using the Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) and the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA), assess the potential injuries for this employee. Also bring into the letter the General Duty Clause, OSHA 501(a) standard and how it might apply to the ergonomics of the issue.
Based on the complaint of the employee and examining managerial strategies, how might the safety department help this individual and how might management provide insight into correcting the issue. Provide your recommendations for improving this situation.
The letter should be in professional standard format. It should be at least three pages of descriiption and two pages of calculations using the REBA and RULA.

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