1.A visual aid that I will add to my persuasive speech is the use of pictures. I would want to incorporate them by using a screen to show the pictures for a side-by-side comparison. I would like to add a visual aid to engage the audience and improve their understanding and memory of the audience.
I think the visual aids would be beneficial because the audience has a greater chance of remembering my speech because of the visual aid. Additionally, another benefit of using a visual aid is that it helps the speaker explain information and can provoke emotion. According to The Art of Public Speaking, persuasion is what a speaker does with an audience. (Lucas,2020p.294). Showing visual aids can capture the attention of the audience and help them process the information better
2.A Visual aid I will add to my persuasive speech is photos. I will be taking photos to compare the difference between having an indoor pet and not having an indoor pet. There is a major difference in the cleanliness of the house when pets are not involved. Adding this visual aid will show my classmates proof that you should not keep a pet indoors. This visual aid will persuade my peers to not have indoor pets due to the dirt the pet brings along with it, the smell, and the inconvenient mess a pet brings. I personally love the animals I have, but as I am a major clean freak, I can name many reasons as to why pets should not be indoors. A pet whether its a cat or dog, does need maintenance. In my household, where most people work or have a busy schedule, keeping our pets indoors will be extremely hard to maintain and clean up after them, and that is why they should stay outside. Many people do not realize the difference between having an indoor pet and not having an indoor pet. I will be taking different photos of different objects in my home during a period of time with pets in my home and the pets staying outdoors.

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