1. Poston argues …”of all the characteristics of human populations, age and sex are arguably the most important” (19) support this argument citing specifics.
2. Describe population pyramids and how these are used by demographers. Illustrate this by contrasting the population pyramids of Llano County (29), Texas with Brazos County Texas (32).
3. Sex ratio at birth, the number of males per 100 females, without intervention will be about 1.5. The Table 1.3 (47). What explains the differences of SRB in China, South Korea, and Taiwan since the 1980s? Poston posits that by age 24 there will be…”around 23 million surplus boys in China, over 1 million surplus boys in South Korea , and over 200,000 surplus boys in Taiwan (52)”. What are the anticipated results?
4. Summarize Uhlenberg’s position of how population aging with impact: migration, the pension systems, and population health and health care. Give specifics form the text.

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