In order to successfully promote physical activity in your community, a partnership with individuals and/or organizations may be necessary. After completing the required Learn material for this unit you should be able to identify when and how to establish partnerships, how to establish leadership and determine goals, how to define the organizational structure of a partnership, and how to evaluate a partnership. In order to demonstrate understanding and mastery of the material, you will creatively integrate the 10 Key Steps to an Effective Partnership using one of the formats provided below.
This module, you are going to exercise your creativity. This module’s reading notes 10 Key Steps to an Effective Partnership (Leadership). Use these key steps to create 1 of the creative formats listed below. The demonstration must integrate all 10 key steps (used appropriately) into the narrative of the chosen format.
Using the 10 Key Steps listed below, choose a creative format in which to integrate each step. Your Creative Demonstration must include all 10 steps but use only 1 creative format.
Step 1: Determine whether a partnership is necessary to accomplish your physical activity goals and objectives.
Step 2: Determine whether potential partners have the capacity to support the physical activity partnership and its proposed actions.
Step 3: Recruit partners.
Step 4: Establish leadership.
Step 5: Determine one or more common goals.
Step 6: Determine the partner’s level of involvement and cooperation in the partnership.
Step 7: Define the partnership’s operational structure.
Step 8: Keep the long-term goal in view.
Step 9: Start with reasonable short-term objectives.
Step 10: Evaluate the partnership.
Creative Formats
A song (any genre)
A poem
A short story
A parable (a story with a moral)

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