Dr. Debbie Laughon 10/16/22 10:27 AM “The new nursing shortage is evidenced by fewer nurses entering the workforce; acute nursing shortages in certain geographic areas; and a shortage of nurses adequately prepared to meet certain areas of patient need in a changing health care environment.” (AACN,2020) This is a different picture than historically. Even the number of nurses entering the workforce has increased, just as many are leaving for NP degrees, or retiring; leaving a negative net. “The present average age of employed registered nurses is 43.3 years, with registered nurses who are less than 30 years old representing only 10 percent of the total working nurse population.” (AACN, 2020) The article addresses several different strategies, including education, technology, legislation, and the work environment. What do you think the biggest action would be to help address this shortage? AACN (2020). Strategies to reverse the nursing shortage. Strategies for nursing shortage

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