“The case study needs substantial revision for clarity throughout. For example, the sentence from the abstract: “The proactive fund required for the race is the dimension of different institutions operating outside their domain. does not make sense. Please clarify your case study. You appear to have relevant references, but you need to better clarify how you are applying this knowledge. Please revise to clearly identify the problem to analyze, identify clearly the theory used, and then make 3-5 specific recommendations that are supported by this analysis and use of theory.” // Please complete a case study about the document attached (Seattle Race and Justice Initiative) or rewrite the initial case study submitted with the needed revisions mentioned in the feedback that was provided // Requirements for the case study: “In 2002 Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle, Washington, announced the creation of the Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI). Mayor Nickels had a simple goal: he wanted to try to end all forms of racism in the workforce and the city. The city of Seattle, however, was 70% white and like many cities across the United States, had a history of explicitly racist policies and practices. This kind of initiative was also unheard of—government policies had historically perpetrated or responded to racial inequities but never tried to undo policies before they were enacted. Being able to work proactively on this front required discussing race, white privilege and institutional racism; some employees were ready, but many were not. ”
In your case analysis, you can identify your key problem for analysis from many different potential areas, including but not limited to leadership and ethics, local government, diversity, equity, and inclusion, community relations, human resources.

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