Case Study:
Rachel’s Day Off Swimwear
Rachel’s Day Off Swimwear is a successful chain of high end swimsuit boutiques. In the last six months, the firm added several new lines and opened a dozen new stores. The downside is that the
company has outgrown its accounting software. The original accounting system was a package from Peachtree Software, which ran on a stand-alone PC and later on a network. Now, the firm is ready to install a new accounting package that can support current and future operations. You have been asked to implement the new system, which is called Sage 50.
1. Who should receive training on the new software, and what topics should the training cover?
2. Go online and investigate the Sage 50 product to learn whether it can import and upload existing data.
3. What changeover strategy would you suggest for the new accounting system? Explain your answer.
4. When should a post-implementation evaluation be conducted? Explain your answer.

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