Case Study
Miranda is a 70-year-old Brazilian female who comes into the practice referred by social service. Miranda has a history of either self-neglect or neglect from family members. The issues are not clear and social service has sent in a referral for further investigation and treatment. She has a past medical history of hypertension, back pain, severe arthritis and diabetes. She has no past psychiatric history. She is a retired florist and has been living with two grandchildren who assist her in her house. She has been prescribed oxycodone in the past for her back pain. Her primary care doctor recently started to decrease the amount of oxycodone that she had been receiving and switched her to gabapentin. This prompted some disagreements in her house with her grandchildren.
Her medications include gabapentin, oxycodone PRN, atenolol, lisinopril, and Metformin.
-Please provide further history that you would need from this patient. Follow what you would ask in an interview. Provide a baseline medical outline of testing such as labs or other testing that you may order
-Please provide a treatment plan for this patient that can include different herbal or vitamin-based therapies. This can include alternative medicines and treatments in any psychotherapy.
-Provide a pharmaceutical based therapy for this patient.
-Please provide any referrals to other agencies you would do and your justification for them.
-Please provide justification of your treatment and why you would pick one treatment over another.

Sample Solution

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