Begin by doing some critical self-reflection: What are your key areas of strength and why? How will these strengths aid you in your career plan? What are your key areas for improvement and why? How do you intend to improve? What do you value most? How do you intend to incorporate those values in a career plan?
Then, reflect on this capstone course and the program outcomes: What have you learned through this course, particularly the team project and the research project? How do you plan to incorporate these ideas and skills into your career plan? As a reminder, the Bachelors in Liberal Arts program outcomes are:
PO1: Articulate complex concepts to a targeted audience in written and oral form.
PO2: Analyze the influence of cultural diversity when addressing global issues.
PO3: Collaborate within a team to solve interdisciplinary problems or achieve a common goal.
PO4: Evaluate perspectives of an ethical dilemma and present evidence-based solutions.
PO5: Develop a plan that integrates academic and professional experiences for achieving career goals.

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