OVERALL GOAL: Create an evidence-based project to inform a targeted audience
• Narrow your topic so it has a specific focus and will be exciting to a specific audience.
• To keep an audience’s attention, you have to be brief and concise
• What do you want people to learn?
• Who is your intended audience?
DEMONSTRATE A SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE: show how “zooming out” from the individua/micro-level can help us understand our world (and maybe even our own experiences)
CITE SOURCES OF EVIDENCE: you can put it in small font at the bottom or out of focus, but you need to give credit to sources and show the audience that you’re drawing on scholarly work
DEVELOP YOUR DIGITAL TOOLBOX: use freely available apps/programs to achieve the overall goal of the project; gain insight into how these digital tools can effectively spread scientific information to a broad swath of the population

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