Final Fiesta
Instruction: There are three instructions and please read each of them.
1. Instruction: Final Fiesta: You will present your Final Fiesta project during the last two classes. Your PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 5-10 min long and be a creative and interesting application of behavioral principles. IT CANNOT GO OVER 10 MINUTES. Students will also write a 3-5 page paper to accompany their presentation and will incorporate behavioral principles, at least 6 vocabulary terms, and diagrams in their paper. Here are some possibilities: a data presentation of a self-management project (e.g., smoking, negative comments, weight loss), animal training (e.g., Fish School), short story (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, horror, romance, sci-fi, mystery), poem, play, puppet show, art work, game, video, song. Have a better idea? Go for it (but please see me for approval of all project ideas).
2. Instruction: Pick a target behavior you want to decrease the behavior and do a PowerPoint and work to do as below.
3. Instruction: Attach samples of other students works and look at them to help you do the assessment.
Final Fiesta
You can provide a brief description of your self-management project and the purpose.
Target Behavior
Operationally define your target behavior. Make sure it is observable and measurable. Provide examples and nonexamples. Describe any and all dimensions of behavior that are relevant.
Description of Self-Management Project
How are you going to implement the program? What are the criteria for mastery? Use at least 5 ABA principles and describe.
Describe how you measured the behavior and what the relevant contingencies are. Includes a minimum of 5 contingencies relevant to the project (e.g., performance-management, avoidance, reinforcement).
Input graph (at least one baseline and 5 intervention data points) and describe what the graph shows. Analyze it.
Wrap up your paper. What conclusions did you come to? What was difficult? What would you do differently next time?

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