The purpose of this assignment is for you to engage with course concepts with respect to language (I will attach readings). However, the nature of the assignment goes much deeper than that. You should exercise your critical thinking skills, in that you are expected to critically engage with the underlying theoretical concepts put forth in the course. Examples of important underlying concepts include but are not limited to things such as frames, performance, race, gender, ideology, mediation, inscripts, parallelism, and codeswitching. Language in its cultural specificity should be at the center of your assignment. This assignment asks you to put these sorts of concepts to work in analyzing a piece of real life discourse, or creating something that comments on language. Your overarching purpose in this assignment should be to test the concepts we have learned in analyzing something. Ask yourself, are the concepts effective in the ways that the authors we have read have defined them, or do they require re-defining? For instance, is Agars notion of frames helpful in explaining what you have before you, or does whatever you are participating in call for further stipulation of the concept? For all these reasons, your assignment will, at some point, make an argument about the way in which your data challenges or supports the theoretical concepts from the course. Make sure your thesis is easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful, and absolutely clear.

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