Awareness Poster (Individual assignment) — Find and review some recent press releases by your chosen company, preferably the same as your individual article. Remember integrated marketing communication principles? You may pick a different company or organization than the one you chose for the lede task. Select any one press/media release and prepare an awareness poster or infographic that presents any stand-out statistics or data from your press release research. Do review some guidelines I posted on this task in BB>COURSE MATERIALS>ADDITIONAL LEARNING MATERIALS. It includes examples.
To prepare the individual poster – you may use Adobe Spark or Canva. For Adobe Spark, this overview tutorial is helpful Adobe Spark Post Tutorial. For Canva, their tutorials are available after you create an account. Canva’s article on designing from scratch is good to review for all beginners.
In this 1- to 2-hour task, you will create a simple awareness poster using text and images to promote an idea with a call to action. You will base the poster information on any press release statement by your chosen company.
This poster is meant to be simple and convey an easy- to-follow message and a distinct call to action. The results of this project do not have to be 100% perfect. I want you to have fun, try out new things and go easy on yourself! First, you must review some self-guided tutorials to learn new skills needed to create basic marketing communication projects.
Adobe will save your poster to Adobe Cloud. But – also remember to save your poster as a pdf file to submit to BB for grading. Also submit the source press release which you used as a url/link or an attached file. You may also want to save it as a jpeg or png or PDF file as well in your personal device.

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