There are numerous issues that arise when discussing global health and safety. An organization’s lack of funding towards exposure and control could promote illness and injury within the workplace. The National Institute for Occupational Disease states in order to enhance global workplace safety and health is through international collaboration. A few examples of strategic measures involve leadership roles in developing international health centers and to promote the development of training and research opportunities that address organizational hazards. In order for preventive measures to be implemented into an organization’s mission and design, four factors must be analyzed. a) research b) education c) practice, and d) policy. Question 1: How would organizational behavior affect the implementation of these four developmental factors? Question 2: Do you believe climate change plays a role when discussing preventative measures and hazards within the workplace? Reference Schulte, P. (2009). Global safety and health issues and their impact on worker training. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

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