One person is your current roommate, the second person is a professional security analyst with an excellent reputation on Wall Street, and the third person is Company X’s CFO. If the three estimates differed, in which one would you have the most confidence? Why? 1-4 Is it better for a firm’s actual stock price in the market to be under, over, or equal to its intrinsic value? Would your answer be the same from the standpoints of stockholders in general and a CEO who is about to exercise a million dollars in options and then retire? Explain. 1-5 If a company’s board of directors wants management to maximize shareholder wealth, should the CEO’s compensation be set as a fixed dollar amount, or should the compensation depend on how well the firm performs? If it is to be based on performance, how should performance be measured? Would it be easier to measure performance by the growth rate in reported profits or the growth rate in the stock’s intrinsic value? Which would be the better performance measure? Why? 1-8 What are some actions that stockholders can take to ensure that
1-11 What are some actions that stockholders can take to ensure that management’s and stockholders’ interests are aligned? Edmund Enterprises recently made a large investment to upgrade its technology. Although these improvements won’t have much effect on performance in the short run, they are expected to reduce future costs significantly. What effect will this investment have on Edmund Enterprises’ earnings per share this year? What effect might this investment have on the company’s intrinsic value and stock price?

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