Please writer help me with this assignment I have to interview an old person could be my ant 80y.o. Feldman, Development Across the Life Span, 9e Textbook COUN 5000 – Adjustment to Late Adulthood Interview (10pts) The ease and impact of transitioning into late adulthood varies from person to person (Integrity vs. Despair). The degree of personal satisfaction during this time is influenced by many factors, including the extent of planning, financial resources, hobbies and meaningful activities available, health, mobility, and the degree of involvement with people. In order to better understand this stage of life, choose one individual who is between the ages 70-80 years old and is willing to be interviewed. Ask them the following questions: Part I (5 pts): 1. How are you spending your time now? How is this different than 20 years ago? 2. What does this stage of your life mean to you? What, if any, plans did you make for this stage of life? 3. What do you like about your life now? What has been the most difficult part of your life now? 4. What three things would be said about you and your life? 5. What three things would you most like to have said about you and your life? 6. If someone were to witness a week of your life, what is one assumption that person could make about your values or what matters to you? 7. What value(s) do you hold that are not evident from the way you live your life? 8. What three goals are important to you? Part II (5pts): Imagine you were called upon to design your own funeral services. Please, answer the following questions: 9. Is there a favorite song you’d like played? What about a favorite food served? 10. Is there someone in particular you would want to say a few words about you? And why that person? 11. Would you prefer a large gathering or something intimate? Why? 12. Lastly, what do you want done with your body? (Lowered into the ground? Have your ashes scattered at sea? Become an organic burial pod? Or something else?) And how important is it that your wishes are honored? (Handouts modified from original “Adjustment to Retirement” from Feldman, Development Across the Life Span, 9e.)

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