Exam #4 requires you to view, Abolish The Death Penalty: A Debate, a video available electronically from John Jay Library’s ‘Streaming Collection’.
I have added a web link to the video in the content area. However, as it does not always properly upload, I have also included step-by-step instructions to find it directly from our library.
To find the ‘Streaming Video Collection’ follow the steps below.
1. Go to the JJ Library Homepage.
2. At the top left select the ‘Find’ drop down menu and then select ‘Streaming Video Collection’ on the middle right side part of the page.
3. At the middle of the page select ‘Films on Demand’.
4. Type in the film you wish to view in the search bar at the top of the page.
5. Enjoy the movie.
Write down your opinion to the questions posed by the moderator, exactly as he instructs the audience to do in the film.
As you watch the debate, take notes as to the major arguments each team makes for their position.
At the completion of the debate write down your opinion on the questions posed by the moderator.
A. Explain the main points of each team’s position.
B. Did it change your opinion? Explain why or why not by using the major points of each team’s arguments and your own arguments not covered in the debate.
Parts A and B must be approximately 250 words each.

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