choose a set of the speeches/transcripts we have studied in this section. You may
choose Kennedy/Biden, Baldwin/Garza, or Gore/Thunberg.
Introduce the topic you have chosen, along with the speakers and their respective speeches.
Choose the first and give a summary of the speech. What are the circumstances for speech?
What is speech about? Next, assess all speech traits found on the List of Speech Conventions:
address aspects for the Speaker, the Audience, and the Speech. Thoroughly discuss and analyze
those speech conventions. Use specific examples from video/transcript to discuss and analyze.
Then consider how the power of language effects/affects you through the different mediums—
watching and listening to video vs. reading transcript. Which is more powerful? Why? Use
specific examples from video/transcript to argue your points. Remember that these are your
opinions and experiences—own them! Use “I, me, my.”
When done with first speech/transcript, transition into the second and repeat process.
Finally examine how well these speeches adhere to the “conventions.” Where do they
converge/diverge? How does that impact the “message”? Compose a discussion about these
speeches holistically. How do they stack up to each other?

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