Create a visual blog journal for communicating a special interest or hobby of yours to an
audience at-large. The following skills and knowledge are essential to success in your
professional life beyond this course:
• Using a content management system (CMS), like WordPress, Tumblr, or Wix to establish
a blog journal, including title, theme and URL.
• Adding posts to the blog.
• Incorporating images, embedded YouTube videos, slideshows, radio stations, and other
multimedia content.
• Writing five posts for one specific thematic topic.
• Selecting and arranging images that are relevant to each blog post.
• Respecting copyrights and avoiding plagiarism.
Create a blog journal using a CMS, including theme, title and URL. Adding blog posts
incorporating text, images and multimedia. All steps are highly unique to your specific project,
therefore problem-solving and critical thinking skills are necessary

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