Instructions: In the assignment you are given the opportunity to start developing your Leadership Portfolio. Based on the content of the course and guidelines from McCauley, Hammer and Hinojosa (2017, see attached) you should write a reflective work addressing the following aspects: 1. Describe a personal statement regarding your leadership. This includes, definition of leadership, leadership philosophy, or broader mission statement for your life. It should preferably concern leadership in the workplace, but could also be leadership exercised privately, or in terms of self-leadership. 2. Make a gap analysis focusing the resources and skills you currently possess, in relation to your personal statement. 3. Conclude your analysis by reflecting on a short (6 months) and long term (3 years) developmental plan for how to close the gap. 4. N.B. In your reflection you are encouraged to present observations of your leadership, analytically theorize it, such as drawing on theories in the field, as well as evaluate it. A balance between these components is preferable. In addition to the course literature, you must use at least two scientific journal articles that are relevant to your topic. Max 3 pages (excluding reference list). (end of instructions) Use the following material when writing the essay: My personal leadership statement as a business development professional is to be a driver of growth and profitability by creating and executing strategies that increase market share, drive revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. I will lead by example, demonstrating integrity, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. The most important skills for business development professionals include understanding the needs of customers, being able to identify new business opportunities, having strong communication and negotiation skills, and being able to build relationships with potential clients. My results on self assessment quizzes Self-confidence (DuBrin, 2019, s. 32) – average Proactive personality (DuBrin, 2019, s. 37) – average Farsightedness and concentual thinking (DuBrin, 2019, s. 45) – average Entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour (DuBrin, 2019, s. 103) – average Influence tactics survey (on the scale 1-5) (DuBrin, 2019, s. 204) I lead by demonstrating the right behaviour myself – 4 I rely on facts and logic to persuade others – 5 People often listen to me because of my expertise – 3 If I want something done I stand ready to do a favor in return – 3 I enjoy negotiating a price or an offer – 3 I am assertive (open and forthright in my demands) – 4 I get emotional to make a point – 2 I try to get other people on my side in order to win my point – 3 As a leader I participate heavily in the task of the group – 5 I use as much charm as possible to get my way – 1 I refer to the importance of doing a particular task for the overall good of the organization – 4

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