Write an 800-1000 word rhetorical analysis essay that compares and contrasts the rhetorical contexts and strategies in TWO of the provided texts. Use the outline below to help you organize your essay!

Introduction (1 paragraph)
What is/are the issues and its/their significance?
Note that we have two issues here! One is the topic of the texts and one is the broader question of using rhetorical analysis to understand how various sources present information.
What are the two texts you will compare/contrast? Provide a brief summary and description of each.
What is your thesis?
Body Paragraphs (3-4 paragraphs)
Start each with a topic sentence. (Remember to match the order of your topic sentences to your thesis.)
Explain, with plenty of specific details from the texts to support your explanation.
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
What do the similarities and differences between these texts teach us? How might these differences shape our understanding of the issue(s) you noted in the introduction? How does engaging in this kind of analysis help us see a bigger picture?

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