One type of surveillance is GPS tracking and monitoring. On page 143, there is a discussion about the placement of electronic transmitters on vehicles and the text stated that “[a]s of the writing of this text, questions over whether police need a court’s permission (a court order) to use GPS devices in investigations have become the subject of concern in state and federal courts across the nation.” The textbook refers to a case Jackson from Washington State. The U.S. Supreme has ruled on this issue (it is NOT the Jackson case!). Do outside research to find the US Supreme Court case (do not write about the Jackson case). Then write a one & a half to two page essay citing the name of the case, giving a summary of the facts of the case, the issue discussed in the case, and the US Supreme Court’s decision and reason behind its decision. Then analyze the case and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling and why.

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