Poster title (Brest cancer awareness and diagnosis )

Poster title (Brest cancer awareness and diagnosis )

poster title (Brest cancer awareness and diagnosis )


Hi Please add Percentage for the number of women’s in one of the hospital in the( Uk Glasgow )Whose know the whole procedure for the examination of the barest cancer by using Mammogram. And the percentage for women whose refused to do the examination because they scerd Important not: don’t add the name of the hospital gust right hospital x The colors on the poster : 1.Could you please use the pink on the background and white on the boxes and black for the words and add some Images and Graph Or pi chart related to the topic and add the breast cancer logo in the top corner of the right hand side 2.Use Arial font more the 800 word please 4.but it in pdf file please 5.make avery clear heading and put the title on the middle of the poster top. 6.I have add poster example could you please do the same style. 7.but 5 reference and use Vancouver style

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Guidelines From Handbook

• The poster should introduce your chosen topic and define the audit aims/objectives.

• The main body of information should include:   Methodology            Data collection Data Analysis

• The poster should contain observations made and include any recommendations for changes to current clinical practice

• *The electronic version of your poster should be formatted for an A1 size.

Please use a numerical referencing style such as Vancouver due to space constraints



Follow the audit cycle when constructing your poster, bearing in mind that logical flow is important. I want you to be able to demonstrate that you understand the importance of an audit cycle/what it’s purpose and how you perform this. For example –

Introduction (this could include aim/objective or these could be separate) – provide a background and a rationale as to why an audit has been performed. This should lead you nicely into what you hope to gain from performing the audit etc.

Methods – state every step you took to undertake he audit as clearly as possible. Remember, the purpose of this section is to allow anyone who wishes to replicate this to do it with ease. Think of it like passing on the recipe for a cake – think about how detailed you have to be with ingredients, measurements etc. This is the same for audit! Think about what decisions you made when building your audit and make sure you state these with justification where necessary/appropriate.

Data collection/ results/ findings – state the findings you have obtained from carrying out the audit.

Data analysis/ discussion – this is where you will use the results you have stated in the previous section in order to discern meaning/significance in the context of your aim. The use of current literature to underpin your points would be encouraged in this section specifically.

Conclusion (this could include recommendations or these can be separate) – succinctly and accurately summarise the main findings you have developed overall. Recommendations should follow from the evidence you have provided.


Please remove any identifying information regarding the department/ hospital etc. Also, please use only your matriculation number on the actual poster.

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