How to complete this assignment-Neighbourhood Statistics Canada’

Using the neighbourhood boundaries defined by the Human Early Learning Partnership choose a community in British Columbia to investigate. This may be the community (neighbourhood) that you work within, live within or are interested to learn more about. If you are taking this course from a place in the world outside of British Columbia, please contact me (the instructor) to discuss possible ways forward in your specific geographical locale.

Using information from Statistics Canada (provided on link below as ‘Neighbourhood Statistics Canada’) research, identify, summarize and present the relevant statistical data with your interpretations ,that provides a comprehensive picture of families living within your chosen neighbourhood/community. Think broadly and carefully about which data points you consider as relevant to understanding who lives in the community. Ensure statistical neighbourhood data that informs your analysis is from the census data provided. Including information from the HELP vulnerability data, HELP neighbourhood profiles and/or other publications from institutions or coalitions that captures the population of the neighbourhood can be helpful., however your presentation and analysis should primarily be grounded in the Statistics Canada census data provided. (8 marks) 

With consideration and reference to the above,

Neighbourhood Statistics Canada.xlsx


Alternate method to access the HELP Census data:  google UBC Human Early Learning Project. click on ‘reports’ in the header bar – then click on ‘data library’ in the dropdown list – the scroll down a bit until you see ‘HELP Neighbourhoods with 2016 census data’ – click on that and all their informing census information will appear.


Document style and format

Please include a cover page with your assignment.

Be sure to support your rationale with citations and references to the course material and independently researched material, using APA 7 formatting. For help with APA citation / referencing style and document formatting, have a look at the following resources:

The paper should be approximately 4-6 pages in length, single spaced, with font Times New Roman, size 10-12. In addition to completeness of the paper and depth of understanding evident, overall organization, spelling, grammar and writing quality will also be considered in marking. (3 marks)


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